Who Is Superbunker?

JB Power Go!

Jason Brown
Superbunker Founder and Research Director

website: jason.br.com

d. g. eng
Coordinator of the Wasp and Orchid martial arts choreography film series.
Loser of the Zombie vs Vampire literary smackdown.

Dr. Karen Gustafson
Telecommunications policy analyst. Memeber of the editorial board of Critical Studies

Heather Miles
Coordinator and Lead Hairstylist of Ambient Haircut.

Heather Parlato
Designer of Trepan. Senior KAR file researcher for Swap Meet. Acting Superbunker brewmaster.

Amar Ravva
Member of the editorial board of Critical Studies. Lead researcher of the Cave project.

Stephanie Rioux
Co-host and co-producer of LA-Lit, a series of readings and interviews with writers in Los Angeles.

Braxton Soderman
Curator of the page_space project. Co-editor of Machine Poetics.

Mathew Timmons
Co-host and co-producer of LA-Lit.
Co-editor Trepan volume 5: Monstrous. Editor Trepan 6: Mindlessfullness.