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Paranoid Machines
Performances and Media Objects Information Technology has always been paranoid Instatiation by Jason Brown
Swap MeetEvent Series

Piracy, Karaoke, Conviviality. A semi-monthly celebration of face-to-face cultural exchange.

presented at Betalevel by Superbunker and the Royal Academy of Nuts and Bolts.Active
5th of Saint Robot
Event – robot fight

Robot Fight! Robot Fight! Fight to Win! Win to Fight! Kill the Robot!

produced by the Saint George Focus GroupSuperDuper
Giant Ouija Installation/Architecture

A for reals Giant Ouja Board embedded into the infrastructure of Betalevel

produced by Giant Ouija Implementation Sub-Committee, under janitorial direction Occasional
Ambient Haircut

Event Series

Free haircuts by top notch stylists with live ambient music

produced by Ambient Force 3000 and “top notch stylists” (rotating) in various venuesOccasional
i feel better when i type to you Publication

The search queries of AOL user 23187425 from May 2006.

User 23187425Published 2006.09
BlebNet Research Unit – sociocultural

The Cultural Output Leader

produced by BlebNetDormant, awaiting the Final Bubble
Trepan 5 Publication

Journal of experimental and hybrid literature.

co-edited by Mathew TimmonsPublished 2006.10

Part studio, part clubhouse, part stage, and part screen; Betalevel is located in a basement in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

independently curated by the Council, loosely managed by the JanitorActive
rBeckyResearch Unit – philosophical/cybernetic

Dynamic political philosopher, dedicated coffee drinker, emergent meta-organism.

t3h rBecky bOt ArRaYActive
Fantastic Freedom Institute Research Unit – political philosophy

Nonpartisan membership organization and research center investigating Freedom. “Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.”

produced by the Freedom FellowsActive
Machine Poetics Research Unit – linguistic

Resources, project hub and archive, investigating the poetics of electro-mechanical systems.

co-curated by Braxton SodermanQuietly decaying, as all text does.
LubberNet Research Unit – linguistic/socioeconomic

Investigating mutifarious combinations of love, piracy and fine literature

Wiki, maintained by Jason Brown. Original content stolen from DinnerNet (RIP)Active, somewhat
Donkey Timeline
Research Project – historiography

Progression of the official Donkey Kong high score, prompted by conflicting narratives around the documentary King of Kong.

Jason BrownActive, but resting
ObscurantistResearch Unit – paranoia

Historiography, symptomology and mnemotechnics.

??? Active
Research Unit
Southern California Institute for the Study of Southern California Institutes
Wiki, maintained by Jason BrownActive, but sleepy
LA-LitEvent Series and Archive
Interviews with poets and writers in Los Angeles.
presented at Betalevel, produced by Mathew Timmons and Stephanie RiouxHiatus Extreme
Thought BunkerEvent – literary battle
Fight with words! Live nude brain!
presented at BetalevelEvent 2007.06.09 / 2006.12.02
DorkBake Event – culinary battle
Cook delicious food with a single 100 watt light bulb
presented at Machine Project, with Make MagazineEvent 2007.02.03
Media Seminar
Cybernetic cinema series
produced by d. g. eng and Heather Miles.Hiatus Extreme – you couldn’t handle the truth
Wasp and Orchid
Media Seminar

Martial arts cinema choreography seminar

presented at Betalevel, curated by d. g. eng.Hiatus
Zombie vs Vampire
Event – literary battle

Rhetorical Undead Smackdown!

presented at BetalevelEvent 2005.05.13
Events / Exhibitions / Archive
Textual machine collaborations, art exhibit, symposium
presented at Machine Project and the CalArts Critical Studies CubeEvents 2004.03