i feel better after i type to you

This 254 page book is an un-edited reproduction of the search queries of AOL user 23187425 from May 2006. This strange server log autobiography was found in the released AOL search queries by Thomas Claburn.

Now available at at Lulu.

Half of the profit from each book sold will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

About the book:

The text in this book is pseudo-anonymous autobiography stored as proprietary corporate data which was de facto released into the public domain. In the face of such a text, notions of “copyright” seem like quaint anachronisms from a bygone era. For what it’s worth, this edition is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

To increase printed legibility, the following changes were made to the original data:

  • – Page breaks added between apparent sessions (breaks longer than an hour).
  • – Time headings added at start of apparent sessions.
  • – User number removed from each line.
  • – Server time stamp placed first on line.
  • – A title was added.

i feel better - inside

254 pages, 7.5″ x 7.5″, perfect bound

The title comes from a series of search queries at 1am, Friday May 12th:

my bed time
you have bless night
see you later
yellow notice for cable
joe did
want miss tv
had it put on basic cable
did watch tv alot
wal-mart 13” for 59.00
i look at everything
isle of black and white
nice patio pillows
not rain proof
mean yes
fit in my chairs
go back over
lowes has some red setting
looking for four
be here for life
feel better after i type to you
i feel better after i type to you
joe blue line
thank you

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