Swap Meet


Piracy – Karaoke – Conviviality

An Occasional Special Event at Betalevel

Swap Meet is a celebration of face-to-face cultural exchange and hand-crafted karaoke, produced by Superbunker and The Royal Academy of Nuts + Bolts, hosted by Betalevel. Admission is always free.

Swap Meet is a place for you to come with a special selection of your very most bestest most favoritest music so you can trade it with other actual human people for the special music that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know existed. It’s like social software, but replacing “software” with “beer.” And then we sing!

Piracy: How to Swap

You won’t be able to grab the entire Led Zep discography at Swap Meet — that’s what what the Department of Defense invented the Internet for. We suggest you come with a small, special selection of music.

To help facilitate the swapping we’ve specified a standard swap package called, oddly enough, the Swap Pack. The Swap Pack is just a folder full of music no larger than 128 Mb (roughly 35 MP3s). Bring this folder — or “package” — on a flash drive or CD to swap.

For more info about Swap Packs, see the Swap Pack FAQ

Karaoke: What to Sing

We have an out of date karaoke song list, which now only covers a fraction of what we have. Most of our karaoke is hand-crafted MIDI file format, so the lyrics are probably weird and the music sounds like Pac-Man… But most likely we do indeed have “that one song.”

If there’s something you must sing, you’re also welcome to bring your own karaoke files.

Conviviality: What to Bring

  • bring: drinks, or a kindly donation (optional)
  • bring: your singin’ voice and dancin’ shoes (optional)
  • bring: some storage media and/or a Swap Pack (optional)
  • bring: a defiant sense of joy in the face of our eroding cultural freedoms (required)

Additional Information

More Swap Meet

Accessing Your iPod

Here’s the Superbunker Resources page for How to get music off your iPod

MIDI Karaoke Files

The Cultural Commons

The Global Struggle Against Extremist Business Models

Please note:

According to recent legal decisions, inducing anyone to use physical space for the purpose of sharing music may render the space-time continuum illegal. Use the space-time continuum at your own risk!

karaoke is not a crime