Thought Bunker

Fight With Words! Live Nude Brain!

Brain Word Power

Thought Bunker II – June 9, 2007
at Betalevel

It goes like this:

  • Two contestants pick words from a hat.
    • Perhaps one gets puppy and one gets mountain.
    • Perhaps one gets sky and one gets facelift.
    • Perhaps one gets sandwich and one gets leg.
  • The contestants have a brief time to prepare. While they prepare, there is a Live Nude Brain.
  • The contestants must fight for their word — leg vs. sandwich, sandwich vs. leg.
  • They must fight like they mean it. They must mean it.
  • There are Judges. They will consider the audience response.
  • The decision of the Judges is precocious, yet final. A winner is chosen.
  • There are rounds. The winners move on. There will be prizes.
  • Whoever wins against all other mortal contestants must compete in the final round.
  • They must fight the big boss. They must fight THUNKER.

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