Get Music Off Your iPod

iPods are nice… unless you want to get your music off of one. In an effort to appease the zombie lords of major media corporations, Apple attempted to hide your music files from you. You want to back up your music? Piracy! You have two computers? Piracy! You want to give a song to your mom? Mega Piracy!!!

Fortunately this effort to hide your own music from you is not just delusional — it’s pointless. Here’s how to get your music off your iPod so you can have more fun at Swap Meet



  • Pod to Mac – freeware that lets you copy or transfer music. Recommended
  • Floola – manage iPods and Motorola phones. Free. Win / Mac / Linux Recommended
  • iLinkPod – reveal “hidden” iPod files. Mac.
  • iPodDisk – move music on iPod like any other disk. Mac. (PPC, last updated 2007)
  • EphPod – unlock iPods. Windows
  • ml_iPod – iPod Winamp plugin. Windows.
  • iPodSoft – iPod tools for Windows. Shareware (Free-$15)
  • Senuti – unlock iPods with an iTunes style interface. Mac. $19

Regarding the ITMS

Old iTunes Music Store files used digital rights management (DRM) to cripple your purchase. If you must deal with defective ITMS music files:

More Info

  • Fair Use and DRM – the EFF explaining what “fair” actually means
  • FairPlay cracked – Digital Rights Management is not just obnoxious — it’s useless!

For more information about DRM, Fair Use and karaoke, see the Swap Meet project page