Custom Karaoke Videos

Any way you want it!

The mystery revealed!

1. Download Griffini’s iKaraoke TunePrompter


It’s free, with versions for Mac and Windows.

2. Get the song you want to use without the lead vocals.

If you somehow have an instrumental version of your chosen song, then you’re all set.

To remove vocal tracks, you’ll need to use a program like Audacity (free) and follow a few simple steps. You’ll only be able to remove vocals from stereo recordings with center vocals. If you can use an uncompressed file (as in not MP3) it’ll sound better.


Audacity Wiki: Vocal Removal

3. In TunePrompter, click “Select Song”

TunePrompter can load MP3, AIFF and WAV files. Once loaded, enter title and artist information

4. Get the lyrics

The “Search Lyrics” button in TunePrompter will seach Google for the lyrics to your song. Find them, copy them, go back to the main window, paste them in the lyrics box (the white sidebar).

Notice that you could enter anything you want in the lyrics box. Do with that fact what you will.

5. Sync the lyrics.

Click the Sync Lyrics button. The song will begin playing. Tap the spacebar for each word. A red line will appear on the timeline marking when that word will be highlighted.

You must to go through the whole song in one pass: no stopy-starty. When done, you’ll want to save your work.

6. Tweak the timing

After you’ve gone through the song and placed each word on the timeline, you can correct mistakes and adjust timing by scooting the red line for each word on the timeline. (But if you need to add or remove a word, you’ll need to re-do the whole song.)

The tweaking process is up to you. You could just get things close enough to work. Or you could labor over each fraction of a second. Just remember to save your work.

7. Change appearance

Under the Format menu, choose: Layout Inspector.

Select font and colors to taste.

Choose style of text highlighting (sweep is letter by letter, solid is word by word).

For the background, you can choose any image file. You might want to make it readable. Or you might want to be “edgy.” We’re not the boss of you.

NOTE: You could choose a movie as the background, but this is not recommended. The current version of TunePrompter takes a very very very long time to render karaoke videos with video backgrounds.

8. Select size of video

Under the iKaraoke TunePrompter menu, go to Preferences. If you aren’t sure, choose iPod/iPhone. If you want better quality, choose “AppleTV.” The “Quicktime” setting is ambiguous.

9. Create Video

Click the “Create Video” button. It can take a while — video is like that.

You are now officially “waiting for your render.” Well look at you. Aren’t you the little independent film maker…

10. You has karaoke

The resulting MP4 video is compatible with all modern day appliances. Share and enjoy!