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Cascading Style Sheets are used to style your markup. All the visual presentation of your content should be done with CSS.

You can put CSS in the head of your document. But it’s most useful to put your CSS in an external style sheet, linked from you XHTML document. This allows you to control a whole website with a single style sheet. Style sheets are linked from the head of the document, like so:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" />


HTML Dog: CSS Beginner’s Guide
An excellent place to start.

University of Texas: Learn CSS
A very thorough step-by-step overview.

New York Public Library CSS Style Guide
A very nice (although now slightly dated) overview of stylesheets.

BarelyFitz: Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
Although the names of the ID’s in this tutorial are exactly what you’re not supposed to do (div-1, div-1a, div-1b), but the tutorial itself is a very good overview of positioning

w3schools: CSS Tutorial
From basic to advanced. Including bonus fun quizes and exams.


leslie franke – CSS cheatsheet


IE NetRender
experience the horror of various versions of a broken browser choking on valid CSS

test a range of browsers

w3schools: CSS Examples
Play with their CSS and HTML examples on the fly.

Format CSS
A re-formatting tool to clean up other people’s ugly code

Ten CSS tricks you may not know

70 expert ideas for better css coding
at Smashing Magazine

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