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$300 proprietary corporate web develompent suites? Useless Crap!

For web development, you need:

  • a web browser
  • a text editor
  • an FTP program

For our purposes, we’re going to use the web browser Firefox with an extension or two to make web development easier. Once you start making web sites, you’ll want to look at your pages on as many browsers as possible. (Especially Internet Explorer for Windows, which is a badly broken piece of software, but which is still used by a majority of people on the web.)

The text editors and FTP programs listed below are recommended (and free) but you can use any program you’d like to perform these functions.

Browser: Firefox

First thing, get Firefox.

The buggy security nightmare code named “Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser, and on some sad day, you’ll need to deal with all its bugs. But Firefox (the second most popular) is the best browser to use for web development.

firefox plugin: web dev toolbar

  • In Firefox (this only works in Firefox), go to this address:
  • Click on Firefox/Flock Download
  • You’ll be notified that “a web site is requesting permission to install the following item.” That item should be webdeveloper.xpi
  • Wait three seconds, and click the Install Now button
  • Quit and relaunch Firefox.

Text Editor

For Mac: Text Wrangler

For Windows: Notepad++

FTP software

For Mac: Cyberduck

For Windows: FileZilla

cross-platform: FireFTP plugin for Firefox

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