Templates and Design Resources

raw documents:

Molly.com – conforming templates
The six possible document types, to get ya started

Web Standards Project Templates
Including the fancy new XHTML 1.1

basic layouts:

CSS Tinderbox
basic, yet solid

tjkdesign – CSS Layouts
Eight liquid layouts, one set of markup, works in all browsers (no hacks!)

Layout Gala!
40 CSS layouts based on the exact same basic HTML markup. (kinda ganky code though…)

Dynamic Drive layouts
Basic layouts for any need, cross-browser tested (some IE hacks, of course)

Glish CSS Layouts
Including the classic 3-column fluid “Holy Grail” layout

layout generators:

InkNoise layout-o-matic
Generate a custom CSS layout with a live preview.

Create a custom 2 or 3 column layout by filling out a web form

CSS Creator
Create a layout with a live CSS editor.

full designs:

Open Source Web Design
Public domain web designs to use however you want

Free CSS Templates
Mostly Creative Commons licensed

Lists of Lists

A bunch of sites with free CSS layouts and Templates
Compiled by the excellent Smashing Magazine

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