WordPress was developed as a blogging tool, but it can be used as a light-weight “content management system”

Helpful Links

Main WordPress Site – everything is linked from here

The WordPress Codex – Documentation and instructions for almost everything. This is te first place to go with a question or problem. (it’s linked off the main wordpress website menu as “Docs”)

WordPress Support – Volunteer support forums. The second place to go with a question or problem. Don’t be afraid to post a question, but search through the forum a few times to make sure your question hasn’t already been asked. There are a thousands of people on the support forum who love to answer questions. Just remember that no matter how desperate you are, be polite — WordPress is free, and all the people offering support and advice are doing on their own.

WordPress.com – Free hosted WordPress blogs. Like blogger, but with more street cred. An easy way to give WordPress a risk-free try-out.

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