Ambient Haircut

Live ambient music. Free Haircuts.

Hairstylists from Top Notch Salons collaborate with a team of musicians to work on your head, inside and out. Live Ambient Music by AMBIENT FORCE 3000 featuring members of: last nights of paris, communicating vessels, zotalayer, and “special guests”

Admission and haircuts are free. But you really should tip your stylist — it’s ambient!

Ambient Haircut at Luxe Salon – Sept 26 2009

For Out of Bounds: The Annual LACE 10K.

Ambient Haircut at LACMA – Nov 15 2008

One small part of a Machine Project Field Guide to LACMA.

Ambient Haircut – Nov 18 2006

At Betalevel

Ambient Haircut – Sept 10 2006

At Betalevel

Ambient Haircut at Betalevel – Aug 6 2006

At Betalevel