Zombie vs Vampire

Friday May 13, 2005 at BETALEVEL

The apocalyptic war of the undead has begun — and this time, it’s textual!

Taste the dark pleasure of an Unrepentant Rhetorical Assault on Mortality!

DAVE “Guts” ENG takes on GRACE “Blood” KRILANOVICH in ten judged rounds of brutal undead literary action!

Referee JUSTIN “Bones” VEACH keeps the gore flowing!

With ringside support by Gut Man BEN “Buffy” MILLER and Cut Man MILLY “Headshot” SANDERS

Before the Title Match: STEPHANIE “Fang” RIOUX frames your facile longing for infinity with righteous lycanthropic fury!

Bewteen rounds DJ ETERNAL PAIN OF DAMNATION extends your suffering into the Nevermore!

Images from ZOMBIE vs VAMPIRE

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