Swap Pack FAQ

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What is a Swap Pack?

The Swap Pack is a small collection of music files bundled up for optimal gift exchange.

How do I make a Swap Pack?

  • Pick out some music. Roughly 30-40 MP3s
  • Put the music into a folder. Folder should be less than 128 MB in size
  • Put the folder onto portable media. Flash drives are very handy. CD-Rs are cheap.
  • Take your portable media to Swap Meet

What kind of music should go in my Swap Pack?

Each month, there will be a suggested theme for Swap Packs. You can choose music based on your interpretation of this theme, or you can go off on a tangent inspired by the theme, or you can ignore the theme entirely. But whatever you do, the theme will be there, looming over your selection like a hermeneutic sword of Damocles…

How do I choose music for my Swap Pack?

You should choose music that you think is special in some way. That could mean obscure wonderful music, popular life-changing music, sadomasochistic painful music… Just pick some music that you’d really like to share with other people.

Can I put other files in my Swap Pack?

The focus is on the music, but if you feel fancy, maybe add some album art, some karaoke files, some animated GIFs… Just keep the whole package under 128 Mb, and feel the potlatch.

How do I give Swap Packs?

You can put them on a computer for people to move onto their flash drive. Even better, you can exchange flash drives with someone, returning them to each other at the next Swap Meet. For people who didn’t bring a drive, you could make CD-Rs to give out.

How do I get Swap Packs?

Come with a flash drive or portable hard drive with some room on it, and get you some packages. You could also literally swap flash drives with people and swap back at the next Swap Meet.

Why is it called a Swap Pack?

“Swap Pack” is but one name for these collections. Some call them “Care Packages” or simply “Packages.” Some call them “Nuggets” or “Mix Tape 3000.” And some call them “A Little Sump’n Sump’n” or “Units for Givings of Great Joy to Karaoke Singing Peoples.”

If you suspect that a member of the RIAA’s private security force is listening, we do suggest that you use a less suspicious reference, such as “wad of counterfeit money” or “bag of stinky weed.”

OMG I love Swap Packs! Can I bring lots of Swap Packs?

Yes! Go crazy!
Just make each of them less than 128 Mb in size.

What if I want to spend hours trying to swap an entire hard drive of music with someone?

Hey, it’s a free country.